Diagnostic & Electrical Repairs

For the very best in professional agricultural and plant Diagnostic & Electrical Repairs, get in contact with BD Agri & Plant today.

Diagnostic & Electrical Repairs

BD Agri & Plant has invested heavily in the very latest diagnostic software and hardware. This state-of-the-art electrical equipment allows our technicians to assess the issues with all brands of agricultural and plant equipment.


Similarly to car diagnostic equipment, our specialist system interacts with the on-board computer of plant machinery and agricultural machinery. It assesses the exact issue with your machine, which allows us to offer a fast repair, drastically reducing any unnecessary downtime.

Diagnostic & Electrical Repairs are essential for newer model tractors and plant machinery due to their more complex electrical systems.

For additional information on our electrical system fault finding and repair services, get in contact with BD Agri & Plant today.

Advantages of Diagnostic & Electrical Repairs

By using software we can quickly and properly access any issue with modern plant machinery or agricultural machinery.

Reduce Downtime
Any plant machinery or agricultural machinery that’s experiencing an error can be costing a farm or building site money. Our software quickly identifies issues, which helps to reduce any downtime.


We charge competitive market rates for our Diagnostic & Electrical Repairs. To enquire about pricing, please get in contact with us today.

For additional information on our plant machinery and agricultural machinery diagnostic & electrical repair services get in contact with us today.

Diagnostic & Electrical Repairs FAQ

  • How do I schedule a Diagnostic & Electrical Repair with BD Agri & Plant?

    Please get in contact with us directly. We’ll organise a time that suits your unique schedule.

  • Are Diagnostic & Electrical Repairs part of your mobile machinery repair services?

    Yes, our portable hardware and software can be brought to your farm or building site. For the convenience of our clients, most Diagnostic & Electrical Repairs can be completed on-site.