Agricultural technicians

As agricultural machinery technicians, we are available for all types of agricultural machine repair services. Need an Agricultural technicians repair or service? Please contact us today.

Agricultural Mechanic

BD Agri & Plant is a fully insured and fully qualified Agricultural Mechanic. From our custom-fitted Waterford garage, we can offer clients the highest standard agricultural machine repair.


We combine the expertise of our farm equipment mechanic with the very latest diagnostic equipment. This state-of-the-art software communicates directly with modern farm machinery’s internal electrical systems. This allows us to diagnose and repair issues quickly – keeping vehicle and machinery downtime to an absolute minimum.


We have the expertise and the resources to repair all types of issues and have experience with all makes and models of farm equipment.

To schedule a repair or an agricultural equipment service, please contact us today.

For more information on our range of farm equipment mechanic services, get in contact with our offices today.

Why Choose BD Agri & Plant as your Agricultural Mechanic?


We are fully insured and fully qualified to carry out both repairs and services on all makes and models of agricultural machinery

Latest Equipment

We have invested heavily in the latest diagnostic hardware and software. This allows us to complete repairs to the very highest of professional standards.


By taking advantage of the latest diagnostic equipment we can offer fast and efficient repairs at a competitive price point.

Need an Agricultural Mechanic? Get in contact with the experts at BD Agri & Plant today.

Agricultural Mechanic FAQ

  • I need an agricultural mechanic near me. What is your catchment area?

    We are a Waterford based agricultural mechanic that offers clients the very best agricultural machinery repairs in Waterford and the surrounding counties?

  • What kind of agricultural equipment does BD Agri & Plant repair?

    We can repair all types of agricultural machinery including;
    Grass Machinery
    Tillage Equipment
    Slurry/Fertilizing Equipment